Top trusted cloud security providers you should know

Nowadays, there is a sharp increase in moving enterprises’ infrastructure and sensitive data to the cloud.

Therefore, it’s understandable to have more and more organizations concerned with cloud security. In this article, we will look at some prestigious cloud security vendors to help you have a overview of this dynamic market.

Some prestigious cloud security vendors in cloud computing market
Top cloud security providers Description Market capital current share price
Amazon Amazon is probably an extremely famous name in cloud computing market. Because, it has a huge number of clients from startups to established enterprises that other rivals can’t match. Amazon Web Services (known as AWS) is one of the most outstanding products from Amazon. This cloud platform has attracted a million clients all over the world. The main function of AWS is to offer compute power, database storage and content delivery. $541.22 billion $1,123.17
CenturyLink CenturyLink becomes a great vendor when having ability to meet every demand from enterprises regardless of scale and workload. Moreover, they operate a multi-layered security system providing information 24/7 and preventing outages. $17.32 billion $16.22
McAfee focuses on offering customers cloud solutions relevant to both business and consumer. It not only assures business orchestrate cyber environments, but also protect, identify and correct threats in the same time. $218.93 billion  $46.78
Blue Coat Systems Blue Coat Systems can be said to be a cloud expert in delivering networking and security solutions. In 2016, Symantec acquired Blue Coat Systems with aim at supporting its webs and security collaboration with 15,000 organizations wordwide. What an amazing number!  $17.78 billion  $28.68
Proofpoint Proofpoint is a trusted expert in cybersecurity and it is from United State. The company has been separated into securing social media sites and evaluating the levels of risks stemming from information exposure from individual devices. It has a offering which is SaaS platform including integrated suite of on-demand data protection solutions that its competitors can’t match. $3.99 billion  $89.07
Verizon Verizon is a telecommunication company. However, with aim at reap maximum profit, it gets the best out of its technological resources to apply its cloud programs to multiple realms like medical care realm. As you know, in rural area, there are many limitations in approaching doctors to diagnose diseases. Therefore, Verizon establishes a Verizon cloud program to store data about abnormal test results, then a cloud-based solution for diagnosis and examination by experts. $185.90 billion $45.57
Trend Micro
Trend Micro has a broad customer network. Because its clients that it focuses on are consumers, businesses and evenly governments. Hence, it can be said that this point can make Trend Micro become a trusted vendor. It is famous for the security solutions relating to server security, cloud security, and small business content security. TYO$862.80 billion TYO$6,150.00
Sophos When it comes to Sophos, many people probably think of Security Heartbeat which synchronizes security alerts from your firewall to your endpoints. In addition, it can identify a breach and notify by an instant message. Sophos also has a few other unique offerings such as Sophos Mobile Control 6 or Sophos Server Protection aDvanced GB$2.84 billion GB:$614.50


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