Every iPhone comes with an Apple’s EarPod, which can perform great sound quality and complete relevance to the smartphone. However, in the shortage of an Earpod, there are several alternatives buyers can pick from the market. In addition, to some demanding customers, high quality headphones is the only thing can bring them the perfect sound. If you are looking for one, let’s take a look at these below top rated headphones suggested for you.

Bose QuiteComfort 20

The name of this iPhone headphone has presented its two prominent features: the amazing ability to eliminate surrounding noise and the great comfort when putting it on. Thanks to QuiteComfort 20’s inside smart sensors, users can enjoy a nearly completely pure sound from their iPhone. This may expain the product’s widespread popularity despite its high price.

Many users highly evaluate this iPhone headphone from Bose
Audeze iSine 10

Another iPhone headphone belonging to the upper market segment is the latest iSine 10 provided by Audeze. The product’s sophisticated design may catch your attention at the first glance and it also contributes to produce the most precise sound quality. Beside, the variety of audio frequency ranging from 10Hz to 50Hz produced by iSine 10 is another plus point, although this iPhone headphone’s design may leak the sound outside sometimes.

iSine 10 features the most fantastic design of an iPhone headphone
Phillips Fidelio M2L

Another lightening iPhone headphone highly recommend is the Fidelio M2L launched by Phillips. Featuring wired connectivity technology, this product can even handle deep bass to 7Hz. The M2L has received several compliments on its detailed and dynamic sound performance. This is considered the best option for iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus users.

Denon AH – MM400

The most expensive iPhone headphone in the best-rated list comes from Denon, a Japanese manufacturer being well – known for its high quality sound equipments. The eye-catching smart design allows users easily to fold up or take on. The Denon’s product brings an impressive realistic sound quality and users can simply adjust this thanks to the Audio application. The market price of an AH – MM400 is around $300, however, the quality really worths the money.


The Denon iPhone headphone produce high sound quality, which makes up for its high price




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