Three shades of iPhone 8 color: Space Grey, Silver and Gold

The great Apple has just released the new iPhone 8 generation, which has soon become the apple of high-tech fans’ eye. The sophisticated design and elegant display typical of Apple can fulfill its customers’ expectations. To satisfy individual liking and express the product line’s upper class, the manufacture offer three iPhone 8’ colors: Space grey, Silver and Gold.

Each may please distinct customer segment and contribute to the appealing appearance of this smartphone.

Space grey

Black is the traditional color coat of all iPhone generations and iPhone 8 is not the exception. However, this classic color has proved its position in a lot of customers’ mind. In addition, it may be the sensible option for anyone who wants to protect their smartphone in a case or demand a immersive display. Moreover, the iPhone 8’s Space Grey is not the dark black of iPhone 7 but a lighter black shade in front and darker at the back. This delicate design’s purpose is to avoid scratch marks and get dirty invisible.

Space Grey is the most popular iPhone 8 color


You can notice the similarity between this iPhone 8 color and some iPhone 5’s appearance. The color’s favourability when iPhone 5 was first launched may explain its continuity in this new Apple’s smartphone. The shade Silver seem to suit many customer’s tastes and multiple iPhone’s cases of all types. Despite the bright front which may partly affect image or video – watching quality, Silver holds the advantage in concealing scratches or fingertips like Space grey one. Another plus point of a classic color option is that it may never go out of date.

Silver iPhone 8 color never goes out of fashion

The last option provided by Apple is Gold shade, the color represents both power and luxury. A Gold iPhone 8 can help you stand out form the crowd, which expresses its owner’s confidence and brave. The Rose Gold shade, not Yellow Gold can add a significant difference and make up premium look. However, some may have second thoughts about purchasing a Gold Apple’s smartphone considering its clearly revealing any scratch or dirt stain.

Gold brings the most luxurious appearance in all iPhone 8 colors










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