The comparison among top cloud security vendors

In order to keep your enterprise secure, it is important to find a trusted cloud security vendor that is the most suitable for your enterprises. Which vendor can meet your demand?

Therefore, this article will look into some top cloud security vendors to help you explore the best choice for yourself.

Bromium is one of the prestigious cloud security vendors
Prestigious cloud security companies Description Its products Price Headquarters
Bromium One of the founders of Bromium- Simon Crosby is a supporter of public cloud computing. He denies the security risks are caused by inherent vulnerabilities in the cloud. He believes that the main reason is because getting access to enterprise network is not controlled closely. So, Which product this enterprise will release to deal with the problem? I really can’t wait! A solution utilizes virtualization to secure all types of endpoints.


No pricing available at this time. Cupertino, Calif., and Cambridge, U.K.
Cloud Passage
Virtual machine is one of the requisites making cloud computing break out powerfully. However, CEO Carson Sweet of Cloud Passage contends that many enterprises don’t really pay attention to the virtual network around those machines. The area that Cloud Passage concentrates developing is securing the virtual server environment. Cloud Passage offers two free products you can explore. These are Halo Firewall and Halo SVM. Namely, Halo Firewall supports maintain firewall policies while Halo SVM helps you control security holes. In addition, you also should experience higher-level VM security services (not free) Halo SVM and Halo Firewall SaaS Free San Francisco
HyTrust HyTrust is really a trusted cloud security vendor that you should consider when selecting. Why? The reason is simply because it got best of show accolades at several industry trade shows. In addition, HyTrust is famous for virtualization security management The HyTrust Appliance $1,000 per host supported Mountain View, Calif.
High Cloud Security
High Cloud Security has garnering attention when stating that it will create a product preventing a virtual machine from being hacked as well as stealing enterprises’ confidential data. The operating principle of this product is encrypting everything at the storage layer which comprising important data. The company’s yet-to-be released product is currently in beta testing. Virtual Machine encryption solutions. Not available yet Mountain View, Calif.
HyTrust is also one of the cloud security vendors you can consider

Do you have experience using above trusted cloud security companies? What’s your view? Please feel free to let us know your thoughts in the comment section.


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