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The great Apple always satisfies its customers by the most innovative and multi-functional product lines, and the most well-known one may be iPhone generations. Besides basic utilities like smart calling and messaging, professional photo shooting, entertainment is also a prominent function. iPhone’s play store may be an exciting place. However shopping around, reading all descriptions and reviews and choosing the best games among the various games provided may drive some dizzy. Why don’t you try out these top rated iPhone games suggested below?

Action game: Super Mario Run

The title “Mario” may recall a traditional game, but the creative Apple has the ability to refresh an old game to attract players. The seemingly simple obligations: tap the screen to make Mario jump and get more coins to pass each level may meet lots of unexpected hinderance. As a result, this is the perfect iPhone games for anyone who loves level game type.

Super Mario Run is the best reviewed iPhone game

Adventure game: The room two

The thrilling sound effect and abstract background related to spiritual world make this iPhone game among top rated ones. The way to escape the room two is really a brain-teaser where players have to give the most sensible and logical solutions to each challenge arising during the adventure.

Strategy game: Battle of Polytopia

The manufacturer has modified the typical 4X feature of a strategy game to creat a completely new iPhone game. Namely, the game starts with a land map where you can develop and organize your own society and protect it from neighboring invasions.

Experience Battle of Polytopia, a best rated iPhone game

Speed game: Asphalt Xtreme

The Asphalt has long gained in popularity among players for its thrilling racing series. In addition, if you are a speed-lovers, you should not miss this top rated iPhone game. You need to win as much rounds as possible to get better options of race car, ranging from heavy trucks to sport cars. The game allows 8 players racing at once, which is another plus point.

Alphalt Xtreme can be a mong the most vivid and thrilling iPhone game
Sport game: Madden NFL Football

Madden NFL Football is the must-have game in soccer fans’ iPhone applications. The updated game allows you to play at different level: Training, Head to head challenge in weekly tournaments or participate in a large scale League.

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