Samsung galaxy S8: The quality worths the money?

The launch of Samsung galaxy S8 seems to drive many high-tech fans crazy. Experts has stated that the new released Samsung smartphone generation really lives up to customer’s expectations. As usual, this Samsung’s product has integrated with several innovation features that differentiate the Galaxy S8 from other products in the same line or from competitors’ one.

However, there still exists some doubt about the new phone’s quality, regarding its remarkable high price. Obviously, you need to consider both positive and negative sides to decide whether the phone’s quality worths its money.

Samsung galaxy S8’s strong edge


Design seems to be all Samsung products’ strong point. The curved edges and new infinity display that stretches to edge greatly contribute to the Galaxy S8’s elegant appearance. Moreover, you may fall in love with the phone’s slim, smooth and light design at the very first sight. The manufacture also offers a wide range of fashionable color version that create a luxurious look.

Elegant colors make up the Galaxy S8’s premium appearance


The 5.8 inches screen featuring super AMOLED dislay make a great innovation compared to previous smartphone generations. Especially, Samsung galaxy S8 is the only smartphone which meets Mobile HDR Premium standard – a certification stated that a phone can play back HDR videos in all conditions.

Infinity Display – the highest-evaluated feature of Samsung galaxy S8


The combination of two camera of different aperture both in front and back allow Samsung galaxy S8’s users to shoot like a professional, even in low-light condition. The principle of this dual camera also make a difference. When you touch the camera button, it will continuously capture three frames and then blend together to create the most vivid picture.


The new Galaxy S8 owns a long lasting battery up to more than 16 hours without charging. This may disappoint many customers when comparing to 17hrs 48mins of Samsung galaxy S7 and 18hrs 42mins of S7 Edge. However, Galaxy S8 offers a fast charger or wireless mat that can quickly recover your phone’s energy.

The S8’s some limitations

Galaxy S8 users can name some undeniable shortage of this smartphone generation. First of all, fingerprint sensor may poorly-perform sometimes and still needs more enhancement. Bixby, the application that allows voice command usage is not pefpectly working as expected. And finally, the smartphone’s price may upset many Samsung fans.

Some features in Samsung galaxy S8 still need more improvements





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