Major private cloud security risks you should take into consideration

To enterprises around the world, safe data storage, especially confidential data, seems to be among most challenging problems ever.

The appearance of cloud computing has solved the question of unlimited data storage space, but cloud security level is still open to doubt. Although providers have offered several types of cloud service for example private, public, community or hybrid cloud storage, each remains certain security issues. This article will expose major risks related to private cloud security, the solution of top high security level assured.

Cloud security breach

Needless to say, this is top popular threat to all cloud services in general. In public cloud, the solution considered to be the most vulnerable to attack, security responsibility mainly lays on providers, who have strong infrastructure and good experiences in dealing with hackers. In contrast, private cloud’s users take the whole responsibility for their data’s safety. The lack of company’s risk awareness or proper cloud security system may result in the increasing number of data breach cases.

Data breach remains to be the top private cloud security risks

Data loss

Annoying but likely private cloud security risks include data loss, which may be resulted from thefts, accidental deletion or even hard drive’s failure. The frequency of data loss cases significantly impacts on customers’ trust and option. Although almost all private cloud providers allow data restoration in these circumstances, the recovery process may take a long time or users are unable to get their data back 100%. In addition, data loss caused by thefts can lead to traumatic consequences, like sensitive information or business secrets leakage.

Hardware failure is the major cause of a private cloud security risk – data loss
Weak cloud security system

Obviously, it is meaningless to turn to private cloud solution from public one without building a robust data protection system. The advisable cloud security strategy includes encryption, multi- verification and notification service if possible. Lacking these fundamental protection tools may cause disastrous results. However, there exists certain principles in settling the security system, including using on-premise encryption, strong password or authorizaton policy.

Weak cloud security system can be another dangerous private cloud security risk

Performance affecting

A high level of cloud security does not always come along with higher customer satisfaction, if it negatively affects the service’s performance. The degree of complication, the solution’s speed or ease of use are the isssues both providers and customers should take into consideration when evaluating a private cloud service.





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