Apple Watch – a masterpiece of technology

Besides smartphone generations, the great Apple’s watches also gained in popularity over recent years. An Apple watch can represent its owner’s power, luxury and upper social position.  Up to now, Apple has launched three series of smartwatch and none of them fell short of customers’ expectations. If you are an Apple watch of user, you may name several obviously advanced features of the product you own without difficulty. Many people even consider it as a technological masterpiece of the times. And now, time to tour around.


Apple’s smartwatchs feature digital touch communication. This advanced contact method allows users to easily draw images or amazing animated emoji and forward them for their darlings. Users can even send their heartbeat to their lovers thanks to a heart rate sensor installed in the Apple watch. Beside, when connected with an iPhone (iPhone 5 and beyond), your Apple watch can receive any messages and calls sent to your phone. More exciting, using the watch’s microphone, you can create voice messages and send them to other Apple watch’s owners.

You can send exciting messages thanks to Apple watch digital touch function

Fitness and Health tracking

Apple watch has been successful in proving itself as a Healthcare product through its various efficient applications. For example, the Activity app can record your movements all day long and decide whether you had better do more workout like walking for a while or remind you to have a break. And if physical exercise is in need, Workout app can give you clearly detailed instructions and related information. You can also set your targets in the Apple watch and can even receive compliments when the aims are reached.

Apple watch provides an application recording users’ movement

The Apple watch gets you an effective assistant called Siri, whose main obligations are to provide necessary information or commands and to remind you about your tasks. You may find this application rather familiar since it has appeared in Apple smartphone versions and Siri needs the connection to an iPhone to function sometimes.

You can ask your Apple watch’s Siri anything you like

Apple Pay

Apple’s smartwatch provide you another mean of payment: use your watch like a credit card. This feature has received numerous compliments from Apple’s customers, since it has only been applicable in iPhone 6 and beyond.





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