App store may be among the most attractive features of any smartphone, where you can shop for things beyond your phone’s hardcore. Knowing that, the great Apple paid special attention to the new iPhone generation’s App store, which has now dramatically changed. Basis functions such as search tool, apps or categories still remains but with a completely different appearance and additional features can be amazing. Let’s start a tour around the new App store iPhone.

Today tab

The old Today section existing nearly 10 years has gone, iOS 11 App store iPhone displays a new Today tab that includes games, apps and Apple’s suggested list. Each comes along with beautiful pictures, lively demonstrative videos and related interesting stories. In addition, iPhone design team also provides useful recommendations for customers to have wonderful experiences when using the apps. Moreover, apps and games’ daily update also deserves a warm welcome.

The new appearance of Today tab in App store iPhone

Apps and Games tab

These new separate tabs are Apple’s sensible replacement of the old sections Categories and Top Charts. Surfing tab Game, you can easily find what lastest games are, which games are free or charged or you can name the wanted game in Search tool. When browsing tab Apps, you can see top popular apps in App store iPhone, recommended apps which have been featured with pictures, videos, guidelines and useful reviews.


OS 11 App store iPhone offers separate tabs for Game and App category
Search and Update tool

As mentioned above, users can get what they need from the new iOS 11 App store iPhone at ease thanks to Search bar. This tool is obviously too fundamental. Apple allows you to name any app, game or category and promtly returns the most related results. Besides, Update engine daily changes what appear on the main interface of App store iPhone according to latest trend and news.

Innovation Search tool in iOS 11 App store iPhone

In-app Purchase

In-app Purchase is now more visible and outstanding in App store iPhone. Similarly, compared to the old iOS version, you can see this section in the App’s information extension or it can even appear in Today, App and Game tab. When you tap on In-app Purchase functionality, the system may directly connect you with the App’s manufacturer to have a transaction.





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