The launch of Samsung galaxy S8 seems to drive many high-tech fans crazy. Experts has stated that the new released Samsung smartphone generation really lives up to customer’s expectations. As usual, this Samsung’s product has integrated with several innovation features that differentiate the Galaxy S8 from other products in the same line or from competitors’ one. However, there still exists some doubt about the new phone’s quality, regarding its remarkable high price. Obviously, you need to consider both positive and negative sides to decide whether the phone’s quality worths its money. Samsung galaxy S8’s strong edge Design Design seems to be all Samsung products’ strong point. The curved edges and new infinity display that stretches to edge greatly contribute to[…]

Despite the harsh competition of smartphone’s field, Samsung has remained its leading position not only in international market but also in many users’ mind. Samsung’s product lines continue to receive customers’ warm welcome as well as technology specialists’ high praise. As a result, the new released Samsung galaxy note 8 with innovative characteristics may satisfy almost all expectations. Let us know name this smartphone’s several super features that explain the product’s fame. Design With the slogan “Do bigger things”, Samsung galaxy note 8 is much bigger in measurement when compared to Samsung galaxy S8 or S8 plus. And the very fist thing to talk about this new smartphone is surely its 6.3 inch Quad HD Super AMOLED Infinity Display –[…]

To enterprises around the world, safe data storage, especially confidential data, seems to be among most challenging problems ever. The appearance of cloud computing has solved the question of unlimited data storage space, but cloud security level is still open to doubt. Although providers have offered several types of cloud service for example private, public, community or hybrid cloud storage, each remains certain security issues. This article will expose major risks related to private cloud security, the solution of top high security level assured. Cloud security breach Needless to say, this is top popular threat to all cloud services in general. In public cloud, the solution considered to be the most vulnerable to attack, security responsibility mainly lays on providers,[…]

The great Apple has just released the new iPhone 8 generation, which has soon become the apple of high-tech fans’ eye. The sophisticated design and elegant display typical of Apple can fulfill its customers’ expectations. To satisfy individual liking and express the product line’s upper class, the manufacture offer three iPhone 8’ colors: Space grey, Silver and Gold. Each may please distinct customer segment and contribute to the appealing appearance of this smartphone. Space grey Black is the traditional color coat of all iPhone generations and iPhone 8 is not the exception. However, this classic color has proved its position in a lot of customers’ mind. In addition, it may be the sensible option for anyone who wants to protect[…]

App store may be among the most attractive features of any smartphone, where you can shop for things beyond your phone’s hardcore. Knowing that, the great Apple paid special attention to the new iPhone generation’s App store, which has now dramatically changed. Basis functions such as search tool, apps or categories still remains but with a completely different appearance and additional features can be amazing. Let’s start a tour around the new App store iPhone. Today tab The old Today section existing nearly 10 years has gone, iOS 11 App store iPhone displays a new Today tab that includes games, apps and Apple’s suggested list. Each comes along with beautiful pictures, lively demonstrative videos and related interesting stories. In addition,[…]

The last decade has witnessed the strong growth of Apple as one of the greatest high tech international enterprises. Worldwide increasing income allows more and more people to own at least one product of Apple, especially this luxurious brand’s smartphones. Up to now, Apple has released various generations of smartphones, widely known as iPhone with elegant appearance and outstanding features. To protect this valuable property, cases are of common use. However, it is rather challenging to pick a nice case among the wide range of offers in the market. Here we have some recommendations for iPhone 6 and iPhone 6s users, the vast majority of nowadays Apple smartphone’s users. Apple’s iPhone 6 Leather case You can completely trust on this[…]

The new generation of smart phone recently released by the great Apple continues to be a breakthrough in advanced electronic industry. Despite iPhone X’s skyrocketing price, high tech product – addicts and affluent class are willing to spend their money to own one. This can explain why many stores all over the world sell out of Iphone X on its very first day of emergence. Is this all attributed to Apple’s repupation or are there certain features that make up its popularity? The article below will demonstrate the most outstanding charateristics which are favourable by iPhone X’s users. Display Thanks to the colourful OLED system with a pixel density of 458ppi, iPhone X holds the sharpest display among all iPhone[…]

Cloud storage is the technologically advanced solution which provides online data storage through a hosted system. The recently increasing demand has promoted the emergence of highly – customized products designed for both personal and business use. Among a variety of cloud storage providers, Google stands out as being more popular and favourable. However, you may be quite familiar with Google drive, but what about Google cloud storage? Are they separate applications or are they just different names of the same product? This article may give you the answer. Google cloud storage introduction Known as Google Drive’s enterprise brother, Google cloud storage provides online data rooms of high flexibility and availability. Users can easily name several obvious advantages that the solution[…]

Like asset insurance, liability insurance has proved its importance and efficiency that also explains its popularity. Umbrella insurance is a typical type of liability insurance, an excess one, which has become a fast-growing sector of this industry. Many people consider it a guard for their savings and other properties as well. How does this protection method work? Who is it for? What are the pros and cons? This article may help to solve these fundamental questions, as well as provide a broad view about umbrella insurance. Definition As mentioned above, umbrella insurance or so-called personal excess liability insurance, is a method that protects yourself from significantly potential liability claims or judgements. If these claims are large enough to exceed your[…]

Some people often confuse Dropbox with Virtual Data Rooms. So, what are the differences between them? When you should virtual data rooms replacing for Dropbox (known as cloud storage service). It can be said that Dropbox is a pioneer in cloud storage industry. It provides some features relating to easily storing, syncing and sharing files across devices with ease. In general, Dropbox is built to help user spread information quickly in public. For instance, you want to share some pictures or documents with your friends and colleagues Virtual data rooms seem to be more suitable for businesses. Because companies often need to store sensitive documents from their competitors. Virtual data rooms provide the solutions that support you to track and[…]