The new generation of smart phone recently released by the great Apple continues to be a breakthrough in advanced electronic industry. Despite iPhone X’s skyrocketing price, high tech product – addicts and affluent class are willing to spend their money to own one. This can explain why many stores all over the world sell out of Iphone X on its very first day of emergence. Is this all attributed to Apple’s repupation or are there certain features that make up its popularity? The article below will demonstrate the most outstanding charateristics which are favourable by iPhone X’s users.


Thanks to the colourful OLED system with a pixel density of 458ppi, iPhone X holds the sharpest display among all iPhone generations up to now. Another plus point is the True Tone screen, which allows colour display to be automatically changed based on the lightness of where you are.

iPhone X using OLED technology to create sharp display

Face ID

For the first time Apple has applied modern facial regconition technology in its smart products. With the support of camera and sensor system, you can easily unlock your iPhone X just by looking at it. This new progress can facilitate both convenient usage and higher level of security than even fingerprint lock currently used.

Face ID is a breakthrough in iPhone X’s security

Home Button disapperance

Many people may consider Home Button as a familiar sign of Apple’s smart phones. However, the replacement of Home Button in iPhone X with all gestures has proved to be a sensible innovation. This does not only enhance the product’s ease of use but also allow screen full to edge.

Wireless charging

Another innovation of Apple Iphone 8 that continues to be maintained in iPhone X is the new method of charging. This wireless charging mat can fulfill your battery at much higher speed and suit for a wide range of Apple products such as Apple Watch, Ipod,…


Finally, the top favourable features of iPhone X includes animoji, which makes your experiences with a smart phone more lively and funny. You can create short clips of expressions, using various animated emojis and send them to your family or friends. This Apple iPhone can present exactly all emotions and movements thanks to facial regconition technology.

There is a wide range of lovely animoji in iPhone X



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