Cloud storage is the technologically advanced solution which provides online data storage through a hosted system. The recently increasing demand has promoted the emergence of highly – customized products designed for both personal and business use. Among a variety of cloud storage providers, Google stands out as being more popular and favourable. However, you may be quite familiar with Google drive, but what about Google cloud storage? Are they separate applications or are they just different names of the same product? This article may give you the answer.

Google cloud storage introduction

Known as Google Drive’s enterprise brother, Google cloud storage provides online data rooms of high flexibility and availability. Users can easily name several obvious advantages that the solution has over other similar services, including unlimited space and high security level. In addition, the usage of REST ACL platform accomplishes multiple complicated tasks ranging from project creation and management to data resumption. One plus point of this application is that the price is based on the space used in gigabytes.

Google cloud storage is an efficient online storage solution

Main differences

First of all, unlike Google cloud storage, the space of Google Drive has the maximum of 30TB, which is not suitable to reserve data in the long term. Secondly, the loading speed of Google Drive is much faster than its brother, especially with hot data. Thirdly, regarding cloud security and advanced task functions, Google cloud storage seems to completely outweigh its partner. Finally, Google Drive may be an economical solution for small online storage.

Google Drive and Google Cloud Storage run on distinct platforms


The two applications are both popular cloud storage services distributed by the Great Google but designed for different purposes. Due to the limited storage and high speed, Google Drive serves best for personal use with small amount of data uploaded in the short term and of low confidentiality. In contrast, Google cloud storage is more suitable for enterprise use including large scale project and great amount of saved data for a long time.

Certain features makes Google cloud storage preferable for business use




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