Bitcoin, a well-known crypto currency, has become a prosperous land attracting lots of investment, especially in the last few years. Since its first being registered by Sakoshi Nakamoto in 2008, Bitcoin development has experienced wild volatilities. Nevertheless, considering the fast growing number of Bitcoin investors each day passed, many users now urge the goverment to legalize the utilization of Bitcoin. However, objectors hold several undeniable arguments against the widespread Bitcoin usage as a real currency. Bitcoin overview The most notable feature of Bitcoins in comparison with a normal currency is its being digital instead of physical existence. In addition, unlike legal tender which is issued by a national bank under government permission, the number of Bitcoins in circulation depends on[…]

App store may be among the most attractive features of any smartphone, where you can shop for things beyond your phone’s hardcore. Knowing that, the great Apple paid special attention to the new iPhone generation’s App store, which has now dramatically changed. Basis functions such as search tool, apps or categories still remains but with a completely different appearance and additional features can be amazing. Let’s start a tour around the new App store iPhone. Today tab The old Today section existing nearly 10 years has gone, iOS 11 App store iPhone displays a new Today tab that includes games, apps and Apple’s suggested list. Each comes along with beautiful pictures, lively demonstrative videos and related interesting stories. In addition,[…]

The last decade has witnessed the strong growth of Apple as one of the greatest high tech international enterprises. Worldwide increasing income allows more and more people to own at least one product of Apple, especially this luxurious brand’s smartphones. Up to now, Apple has released various generations of smartphones, widely known as iPhone with elegant appearance and outstanding features. To protect this valuable property, cases are of common use. However, it is rather challenging to pick a nice case among the wide range of offers in the market. Here we have some recommendations for iPhone 6 and iPhone 6s users, the vast majority of nowadays Apple smartphone’s users. Apple’s iPhone 6 Leather case You can completely trust on this[…]