The last decade has witnessed the strong growth of Apple as one of the greatest high tech international enterprises. Worldwide increasing income allows more and more people to own at least one product of Apple, especially this luxurious brand’s smartphones. Up to now, Apple has released various generations of smartphones, widely known as iPhone with elegant appearance and outstanding features. To protect this valuable property, cases are of common use. However, it is rather challenging to pick a nice case among the wide range of offers in the market. Here we have some recommendations for iPhone 6 and iPhone 6s users, the vast majority of nowadays Apple smartphone’s users.

Apple’s iPhone 6 Leather case

You can completely trust on this product’s quality and suitability for your smartphone since it is provided by Apple itself. The case holds a basis design but still features Apple’s high rank thanks to genuine leather and soft microfiber lining. This item may suit anyone who likes simplicity but efficiency.

Leather case is among top popular iPhone 6 and iPhone 6s’ cases

Otterbox defender series

This iPhone 6 and iPhone 6s case may appeal users by its material of polycarbonate and additional sillicon cover. The case also remain your smartphone’s ease of use by revealing all buttons on the product’s edges. One more plus point of this case is its wide range of colors available.

Otterbox case holds complicated design to protect your iPhone 6 and 6s

Castalist waterproof case

Latest generations of Apple’s smartphones may have waterproof feature themselves. However, if you are an iPhone 6 or iPhone 6s user, you still may be aware of any waterdrop on your phone. Catalist waterproof case may relieve your worry. In addition, this assures to protect your iPhone from drops up to 6.6 feet.

Zagg shockguard

The name of this iPhone 6 case has showed its most outstanding characteristic: shockguard. Beside its durability, Zagg also holds very impressive appearance and you can choose between the thick or slim case type.

Peel’s super thin case

Known as the case for case-haters, this case can serve both purposes: to protect your iPhone 6 or iPhone 6s from external harms and show your smartphone appealing design at the same time.

Super thin case from Peel – iPhone 6 and 6s case for case-haters




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